A mandatory course for anybody wanting to sit the motorcycle knowledge test with the Department of Transport and Main Roads in order to obtain their motorcycle learner licence in Qld.

The course is designed to provide you with basic riding knowledge and handling skills in a safe riding environment before you head out on to the open road.


Two approx six hour days commencing 9.00am on the first day, and finishing at 3.00pm, and commencing 8.30 am on the second day, finishing at 2.30pm




We will provide the Learner Approved motorcycle for your training. Please bring along your safety gear-helmet, jacket, long-sleeved shirt (hi-vis if possible), jeans, gloves, sunglasses and enclosed shoes. Helmet, jacket and gloves can also be provided for you at no additional cost. Also please provide your Course Eligibility Certificate upon arrival.



what to expect

You can enrol in the Q-Ride Pre Learner course if you hold a provisional, probationary or open car licence and have held the licence for at least 1 year.


The Pre Learner course contains 34 modules delivered over two days covering and demonstrating the basics of operating a motorcycle, roadcraft tactics, riding curves, slow riding, steering, braking, judgement and giving way, riding strategies and a simulated road ride, protective gear and good roadcraft.  Our instructors will correct and help develop your riding technique throughout the two days.

The course is a balanced combination of theory, demonstration, coaching and practice. 

after completion

Once both days are completed, and you are approved as competent, you are eligible to apply for your Motorcycle Learners Licence by completing the Motorcycle Knowledge Test.

You can complete the test online (Motorcycle Knowledge Test) or  in person at the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

You are required to hold your learner licence for a minimum period of three (3) months to enable practice and skill building before completing your RE licence course.